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13th-Nov-2009 04:12 pm - FOR CHANCC
p4 adachilove
ok right naugh i just got rid of the header and tested the layout on zuo [you could probably make a banner to go there if you want to]

ok first on the livejournal home page, go to journal >> select journal style
type in "flexible squares" into the search box and click "apply theme" to any of them.
scroll down to the bottom of the page and on ad placement, choose the "between entries" option and save.
also, pick "2 column (sidebar on right)" option.

then click on the "customize selected theme button"

on the first page you see, under "navigation strip", make sure all the boxes are unchecked (or your layout will die). click "save changes"

then click the link "sidebar" on the side
for "show the default user picture on the sidebar" pick yes
for show the blurb/free text in sidebar? pick yes.
for everything else, pick "no"

for title of the blurb sidebar box, make up a title, ANY TITLE.
for text to be added to the sidebar, copy and paste this inside:

(near the end of this code, there are link codes so you can link to various sites, etc.)
make sure you click "save changes"

then you can click "text" if you want to and change the text in your journal. (this is what i do so that it says fotz instead of comment.)

finally, click "custom css"
make all three drop-down boxes "no" and then copy and paste the following code into the "custom stylesheet" area:

lastly, don't forget to credit [Unknown LJ tag] in your profile.
11th-Feb-2009 09:51 pm(no subject)
p4 adachilove
moved: roboslant

I added almost everyone (except for dead/moved journals) already, so just add me back if you still want to be lj friends.
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